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Grim Reaper Broadheads – Carni-Four

I still remember the first deer I ever shot with a Grim Reaper broadhead, I was extremely apprehensive to try an over the top mechanical due to the numerous horror stories I had heard. But at a friends urging, I finally gave in and decided to give them a try. The doe I shot that night didn’t make it 6o yards before she expired, and even though I saw her go down in the field, I still tracked her as if I hadn’t. It was far from necessary, but I could not believe the unreal blood trail; Never had I seen one like it. I knew right then that I had found my new favorite broadhead and I have never looked back since.

That was almost 7 years ago today, and in the time that has passed, Grim Reaper has introduced some truly lethal broadheads. Since the Whitetail Special was released however, I have not even considered trying a different head, that was until today. There I stood at the Grim Reaper booth in Louisville, Kentucky at the 2016 ATA Show and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It looked like a Grim Reaper with a chisel tip, but it had four blades. It’s name – the Carni-Four. It was just one of the many new heads available in the new Pro Series lineup of broadheads offered by Grim Reaper. Each of them sporting the new cut-on-contact, bone crushing tip, and every last one of them looked capable of producing supreme devastation. However, the Carni-Four was the broadhead that held my attention.

For starters, it’s a mechanical broadhead with FOUR BLADES. There are only one or two others on the market, but none of them are backed by the reputation the name of Grim Reaper carries. But it’s more than the fact it just has an extra blade compared to the standard Grim Reaper mechanical. The Carni-Four comes equipped with the all-new Staggered Blade Technology.   Sounds cool right? Well, it is. The four blades on the Carni-Four are not the same length. Two of the blades provide a 1 1/2 inch cut and the other two blades offer a 1 1/4 inch cut. What this means is that the longer two blades will always make contact with your target before the shorter blades. When the longer blades do make contact and the internal spring is compressed, the two shorter blades are released and will expand effortlessly, making it near impossible to have an entrance wound which lacks deployed blades. For those of you that have shot enough deer with over the top expandable heads, you know that there is always a small possibility that you will not have a large entrance wound. The Carni-Four all but guarantees epic blood trails with the large square-shaped wound channel.

Equally as important, the new Pro Tip on all of the Grim Reaper Pro Series broadheads is razor-sharp and capable of penetrating the toughest bones you may encounter. At the ATA Show, Jay Liechty, President of Grim Reaper, demonstrated the awesome penetration power of the new Pro Tip. Taking an arrow shaft of about 10 inches in length and dropping it directly onto a block of wood resulted in the broadhead lodging itself into the wood. The same test with any other broadhead failed to hold the arrow shaft upright. Other cut on contact heads simply do not penetrate as well as the new Pro Tip.

The new Pro Series lineup of broadheads consists of 5 new heads. Three mechanicals including the Carni-Four with a total of 2 3/4 inches linear cut, the Pro 3-Blade with a 1 3/8 inch cut, and the Pro Whitetail Special with a 2 inch cut.  The Whitetail Special is also now available in 125 grain. In addition to the mechanical heads, there are also two new fixed blade heads.  The Hades Pro with a 1 3/16 inch cut, and the Micro Hades Pro with a 1 1/16 inch cut. No matter what your preference, there is sure to be a broadhead available in the new Pro Series to meet your needs.

For more information on the Carni-Four and other new broadheads by Grim Reaper for 2016, visit Grim Reaper at

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