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Firenock – Aero Concept System

This year at the 2016 ATA show, we had the chance to catch up with Dorge Huang to discuss a few of his products that have been in the works for the past few years. While none of these are technically “brand new” for 2016, some have been updated and other products have simply been progressively moving forward and tweaked since they were first revealed.

If you have never had the chance to speak with Dorge at an expo, I highly recommend you make the time to stop by and have a talk. Dorge is the type of person who should be creating cutting edge machines to put us on the moon, but luckily, he’s an archery and hunting fanatic just like you and I. Most recently, Dorge showed off his Aero Concept System and explained how it works.

The Aero Concept System is a multiple layer shaft design that reinforces the front end of the arrow with a Firenock AeroInsert A/H. What that means is that within your arrow, a carbon inner tube is fitted to the double shouldered AeroInsert with Firenock’s US Patented Reverse Taper Collar. The carbon inner tube slides into the front of your arrow shaft, along with the smaller shoulder portion of the AeroInsert. The outer shaft then slides up into the Reverse Taper Collar of the AeroInsert. The end result is an arrow with an extremely strong spine, reduced oscillation after the shot, and an arrow that isn’t going to split at the insert end when hitting a solid object. This will create straighter arrow flight and greatly reduces the loss of energy.

We also took a look at a few of the other products Firenock created in the past few years and have been evolving to make better. Even down to the small things such as the bolt used to attach the AeroRest to your bow. Firenock recently changed the bolt by machining out and hollowing the middle of the bolt to further reduce the overall weight. A change that is also making its way into the Titanium Bolt upgrade kits for compound bows.  In addition to these updates, Firenock has also increased the number of AeroInsert options available for different arrow manufacturers.

Firenock is constantly looking for ways to move the archery world forward. We were lucky enough to get a few sneak peaks at products that are coming down the pike here shortly, and I’m sure you will be impressed. Be sure to check out often for updates and new product releases.

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