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Carter Enterprises – Wise Choice / First Choice 4-Finger

Accuracy defined through design, a short, yet powerful motto that is at the heart of what makes Carter Enterprises a leader in the archery industry. For years Carter has been revolutionizing release aids by constantly making improvements to previously proven designs, and this year is no exception. Building off the platform of the 3-finger First Choice, Carter introduced the Wise Choice and a 4-finger First Choice.

The Wise Choice and the 4-finger First Choice both use the set screw tension adjustment system that has become the new standard for trigger adjustment in Carter releases. Both releases also feature the same elongated neck similar to the 3-finger First Choice. The Wise Choice differs from the 3 and 4-finger First Choice releases in that it has an index finger hole. Carter designed this release with the index finger hole specifically to aid in grip consistency.

The Wise Choice also features an integrated lanyard that allows it’s user to securely fasten their release to their wrist when shooting. For those who prefer to just hang their release from their string loop instead, the lanyard is easily removable.

For more information on these great new releases and other models supplied by Carter, be sure to check out their website at

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