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Grim Reaper Mechanical Broadhead Assembly

There is only one thing better than putting a shiny new Grim Reaper mechanical broadhead on the end of your hunting arrow; Putting said broadhead through your intended target! But after you have used your broadhead in the field, what is next? Compared to some of the gear we buy each and ever year, broadheads aren’t the most expensive items in our arsenal, but they sure aren’t cheap enough to simply throw away. Thankfully, Grim Reaper makes it simple to replace the blades on your mechanical broadheads quickly and without the use of any tools.

For this particular article, I am going to cover re-assembly of your broadhead. But if you have any questions about how to un-assemble your broadhead, simply follow the steps in this article in reverse.

The first thing you need to do after you have disassembled your broadhead is make sure you have all of the parts needed to put it back together. There are 6 components that make up your Grim Reaper mechanical broadhead:

  1. Ferrule
  2. Pivot Ring
  3. Notch Ring
  4. Blades
  5. Spring
  6. Cup

To begin re-assembly, first locate the ferrule and the pivot ring. The pivot ring is used to hold the blades in place on your broadhead. Slide the pivot ring over the rear of the broadhead ferrule and up at least to the end of the grooves cut along the ferrule.  You will also want to locate the key (appears as a ridge on the ferrule) and use this as a starting point. Line the gap in the pivot ring up with the groove and place one blade into the groove with the sharp edge of the blade facing the tip of the broadhead. Once the blade is in place, simply line up the hole in the blade with the pivot ring and slowly rotate the pivot ring so that it goes through the hole in the blade and away from the key. Repeat this step for each of the three blades.

After all three of the blades are connected and you have rotated the pivot ring through the last blade, the gap in the pivot ring should sit directly beneath the key on the ferrule. With all of the blades folded forward, slide the pivot ring and blades forward towards the business end of the broadhead and make sure the key sits in the gap of the pivot ring. DO NOT continue assembly until this has been completed. Failure to place the key in between the gap of the pivot ring could cause broadhead failure and possibly injury during future use.

Once you completed the previous steps, locate the notch ring and slide it directly behind the pivot ring and blades, all the while maintaining pressure on the bottom edge of the blades to keep them closed. Next, slide the spring in place behind the notch ring. Lastly, slide the cup with the 3 blade slots facing forward. It is not required for the cup to sit so far forward as to compress the spring prior to screwing your broadhead onto your arrow. In fact, you may find it simpler to first attach your broadhead while the cup spins freely on the rear of the ferrule.

To complete the assembly of your Grim Reaper broadhead, place the threads of the ferrule into your arrow insert and turn your arrow clockwise. Continue to tighten your broadhead until the cup is nearly snug against the rear of the blades. At this point, rotate the cup and make sure the slots are lined up with the blades. Finish tightening your broadhead in place and make sure there is no space between the top of the cup and the back of the ferrule of your broadhead. At this time, you are ready to go. To quickly test your broadhead, open each blade one by one making sure to keep your fingers clear from the sharp edges. After all three blades are open, close them one by one. You should hear a slight click as the spring forces each closed.

If at any time during the assembly process you have questions, give Grim Reaper customer service a call at 877-474-6732 and they would be happy to help.

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