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HECS – New and Improved HECS Suit


When the HECS suit first hit the market, it was widely regarded as a “too good to be true” type of outfit.  Mike Slinkard, the owner of HECS, quickly showed the hunting world that not only does the HECS suit work, but also it can revolutionize the way they hunt.  Over the years, the HECS suit has only gotten better and better, and for 2015, the bar has been raised a little higher.

HECS suit has been newly redesigned this year.  Though some HECS users wear the garment by itself as an outer garment, many people wear it as an under layer.  To make this more simple, the new HECS suit features thumb-hole slits in the ends of the sleeves to help you put on your outer layers without your sleeves rolling up as well as an open fly design on the pant.  The collar of the HECS shirt also features an embroidered logo which is more visible.

Although introduced last year, HECS now has begun actively shipping it’s new 6 pocket pant.  This pant features 6 large pockets capable of carrying most of the gear you need while in the field.  And if the 6 Pocket pant and redesigned HECS suit is not enough, a new partnership with Gamehide may convince you to invest in some HECS technology.  Gamehide plans to launch several outfits fully lined with HECS material providing more choices in your HECS outfit choices.

Don’t wait until you watch the trophy of a lifetime flee your hunting spot, get a HECS suit today and find out what you’ve been missing!  For more information, visit the HECS website at

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