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Grim Reaper – Hybrid Broadhead

The Hybrid broadhead by Grim Reaper is nothing short of amazing. Combining the pinpoint accuracy of a true flying 2 blade fixed head and the devastating cut of a mechanical, the Hybrid makes for a truly terrifying 4 blade that is sure to put your game down in sight! That is exactly what Grim Reaper intended when they first developed the Hybrid broadhead. But it takes more than an idea to be successful. It takes the kind of quality engineering that has put Grim Reaper at the front of the broadhead market for years.

Grim Reaper has already had amazing success with their mechanical lineup of broadheads. The shock absorbing spring that is used on the Razortip, Razorcut SS, and Fatal Steel can also be found on the new Hybrid. And while the Razorcut SS is also a cut on contact, it does not match the Hybrid for it’s initial cutting abilities. Seated between two of Grim Reapers patented mechanical blades is a 2 blade broadhead that would be plenty lethal all on its own. Built up from premium 70 series aluminum feral, this broadhead sports 440 grade stainless steel that is sure to be durable and dependable even with the biggest animals.

Although this is not a brand new broadhead for 2015, the Hybrid is relatively unknown to many Grim Reaper shooters. If you are new to Grim Reaper, or even if you have been shooting their heads for years already, be sure to check out the Hybrid. It will not leave you disappointed.

For hunters out there who are looking for a lower cost broadhead, Grim Reaper has also become the distributor for a secondary line of broadheads titled Old Glory. Available in two configurations, a rubber band supported mechanical and a three blade fixed head, these lower price point broadheads are sure to satisfy the archery that is looking for a quality head without breaking the bank. One other great thing about Old Glory broadheads, they share one important trait with Grim Reapers, they are made right here in the USA.

For more information on Grim Reaper Broadheads, be sure to visit their website at


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