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GamePlan Gear – 3D XL

Fresh from the 2015 ATA show, GamePlan Gear has introduced their all new 3D XL Tournament Series bowcase. With the competitive archer in mind, the 3D XL is made to fit longer axle to axle bows up to an overall length of 45”. The 3D XL also features a pocket configuration much more suited to tournament and 3d archers.

For starters, competition archers typically use much longer stabilizers than normal. The 3D XL has you covered with a stabilizer pocket that will fit stabilizers up to 36” in length. The 3D XL also features a large front pocket that easily fits an arrow box as well as other necessary archery accessories. Perhaps one of the greatest things about the 3D XL is that, like all other GamePlan gear, it is built to last. The 3D XL is excellently constructed, featuring the same rugged quality that you will find in all GamePlan Gear packs.

Also on display at the 2015 ATA show was the rest of the GamePlan gear lineup. It is easy for one to get lost in the wide assortment of packs and accessories offered by Mike and crew. From sight covers, to bow slings, to backpacks, GamePlan Gear has you covered. And in the future, don’t be surprised to see GamePlan Gear cross over into other markets with their top cutting edge packs. For more information on GamePlan Gear, be sure to visit them on the web, at

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