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Firenock – Arrow Chamfer Tool

 For those of you who have stopped by the Firenock booth at any of the previous trade shows, you know that there is bound to be something that will blow your mind. 2015 was no exception as Dorge had a whole new lineup of cool new gadgets.   Each and every product designed to perfection, and will most certainly takes the equipment variable out of the “bad shot” equation.

Firenock recently introduced the AEROINSERT-A with a reverse taper design to prevent a mushrooming effect on the end of your arrow shaft upon impact. The AEROINSERT-A found great success, but it left an imperfect contact between the insert and the arrow. This year at the ATA, Firenock revealed a new arrow chamfer tool that would allow you to quickly place a 45 degree chamfer to your arrow allowing the shaft to perfectly mate to the interior surface of the AEROINSERT-A.

The tool itself is made of diamond and silver, and retails for $29.95. It is extremely durable and simple to clean. Using the arrow chamfer tool is a breeze, you can attach it to any drill, align the shaft so that the insert end makes contact with the arrow chamfer at a 90 degree angle. It may seem impossible to get the arrow perfectly perpendicular, however the length of the arrow makes alignment very easy. Run the chamfer on the arrow only long enough to create the beveled 45 degree edge and you are ready to install your AEROINSERT-A.

Firenock also made some great improvements to the AeroRest for 2015. The new AeroRest is now equipped with Magic 96 degree design to make setup more simple. The new 96 degree design allows for the stacking of titanium spaces so that AeroRest can fit arrows from 4mm to 12mm outside diameter. The new AeroRest for 2015 is sure to be a pleaser on the archery range or in the field.

For more information on these, and more great products by Firenock, be sure to visit their website at

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