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Grim Reaper – Mechanical Broadheads

SF_GR1The outdoor industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past several years.  With growth has come great innovation and newer, more efficient technologies.  Today, more companies than ever are producing a quality broadhead.  The common day archery hunters could lose themselves staring at the broadhead selection at their local archery shop.  And although there are quite a few good choices out there, the fact remains not all broadheads are created equal.

SF_GR5Grim Reaper has long since been one of the leaders in the broadhead world.  Especially when it comes to mechanical heads.  When they revealed the Razortip to the hunting world in 2000, the standard by which all mechanical broadheads are measured was forever changed.  To expand on their already successful broadhead lineup, Grim Reaper introduced the Razorcut SS.  Built on the same frame as the Razortip, the Razorcut SS features a solid stainless steel-cut on contact tip designed for maximum bone splitting potential.  Both heads are available in 1 1/8″, 1 3/8”, and 1 3/4” cutting diameters.  For the times when big enough isn’t big enough, and you want to turbo charge your killing abilities, Grim Reaper also has the Whitetail Special line.  This devastating head give the hunter a 2” cutting diameter with their choice of either a Razortip or Razorcut SS tip.  Expanding again on their mechanical lineup, Grim Reaper released the all new Fatal Steel line of heads featuring a one piece, 100% stainless steel body.

SF_GR2Grim Reaper makes the most reliable and trustworthy blade locking mechanism known to the bow hunting world.  Grim Reaper’s patented high-tension spring system keeps each of the 3 independent blades locked in place until they are supposed to be deployed.  Gone are the days where a hunter needs to check his or her broadhead at the last-minute to make sure blades are properly held in place by an o-ring or clip.  Bump your arrow, shake it, whatever you like, the blades on a Grim Reaper will not fall open.  This feature alone makes the Grim Reaper a strong contender for any hunter when picking a new mechanical head, and paired with the other features they have to offer, it is easy to see why Grim Reaper has become one of the most popular mechanical heads on the market.

But talk is just talk, right?  Anyone can produce a broadhead and write some flattering description on their website to sell a product.  SF_GR3Grim Reaper stands out above the rest because their broadheads function as they are designed.  As much as I hate to admit it, I have made some bad shots on deer in the past.  No matter how hard we try, all it takes is one step or slight turn made by a big game animal and your shot can be off by as much as a foot.   I take comfort in the fact that my Grim Reaper broadhead is capable of still producing a quick kill.

I think back to an early season hunt in Indiana in 2012.  I had a particular stand in mind I had been waiting for the right wind to hunt.  I knew that once I was able to get into that tree, it was sure to be a slam dunk hunt on a doe.  SF_GR4As the evening wore on, the deer started to show up just as I had expected.  With a lot of daylight left, I had a mature doe step into one of my shooting lanes at a mere 16 yards.  I drew back, anchored and slowly released.  Right before my arrow went sailing down-range, the doe took a slight step and turned a little to her right.  As it was, I had a perfect quartering away shot.  But with the extra step, I ended up hitting her in the back left hind quarter.  I remember thinking to myself “I blew my hunt!”  There is no worse feeling than executing a less than perfect shot.  Despite my confidence in Grim Reaper, I had a sinking feeling that a shot that bad was likely to end in disappointment.

Disgusted with myself, I packed up and got out of the tree before any more deer had time to come out.  I went directly past the location the doe had been standing when I shot as I headed back to the house.  SF_GR7To my amazement, my arrow was stuck firmly in the ground with blood everywhere.  Thinking I may have gotten lucky and hit an artery, I took my gear back to the house and waited a short while to go back out looking for her.  I wanted to make sure she had plenty of time  to expire if that was what had indeed happened.  When I returned with my dad and the landowner to look for my doe, it was quickly realized my stress was unwarranted.  A mere 40 yards into our tracking job, and she was bleeding like a stuck hog.  We had just broken the wood line when my dad looked over the hill and said there she is.

Despite what could have been an awful shot, the penetration abilities of the Grim Reaper saved me on this particular hunt.  My arrow had gone from the back of her left hind quarter and drove all the way through her midsection, through her right lung, and came out right in front of her right leg.  Perhaps there was a little luck on my side, but I firmly believe the abilities of the broadhead on the tip of my arrow really saved me.  At the end of the day, penetration ability, big wound channels, and durability of a broadhead are the three most important things on my list when it comes to selecting a hunting head.  Grim Reaper has them all.  If you’re looking for a new broadhead this coming season, I highly recommend giving them a try.  Like many other hunters, it’ll only take one hunt to make you a believer!


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