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Luck’s got nothing to do with it: Carter Enterprises

carterlucky1There will always be big debates between archers on which bow and arrow set up is better for what reasons. Everyone has their own favorite combinations of arrows, sights, broadheads and rests, but one critical component that I think often gets overlooked is the release aid, especially at first. I think consistency is one of the most important things to keep in mind as an archer, while setting up and especially while lucky2shooting your bow. Having an unreliable and un-consistent release can make arrow grouping a nightmare and potentially ruin a hunt. I truly believe a good release will improve your groups and overall shooting. I know my Carter Lucky not only improved my archery performance, but also improved my confidence after I started shooting tighter groups at longer ranges.

sf logo-5I choose to use the Lucky index finger release from Carter Enterprises. What drew me to the Lucky was the new M.A.T.S trigger tension system that uses absolutely zero springs. The Magnetic Attraction Trigger System is super easy to customize the trigger pull as you see fit, just by adding or removing the trigger magnets. Like I said before everyone has their own likings and fittings, this Lucky release fits me great and satisfies all my needs on my set up. The shorter head resulting in overall body size reduction is low profile so never gets hung up on anything while I’m setting up for a shot. The open hook design makes grabbing the string much easier as the adrenaline starts flowing.20140519_SFOhioGobbler2

For me this Lucky is just what the doctor ordered, giving me durability and forgiveness while still achieving deadly accuracy. Carter Enterprises designs multiple styles of releases including back tension, index, thumb, and resistance activated to suite your custom needs. I encourage everyone to check out their website at and find the release that works best for you to put that next trophy in the dirt!

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