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Close this search box. experiences Spot-Hogg’s new Bloody Buddy broadhead sharpener

SH1Spot-Hogg 2014 ATA Show Nashville TN

Once again, Spot-Hogg has created a new revolutionary product that will simplify and change the way hunters keep a razor sharp edge on their broadheads without sacrificing any accuracy. SH2 This year Spot-Hogg has taken a step beyond their already incredible line of archery products and has introduced the new “Bloody Buddy” to their 2014 arsenal. SH4(1)The Bloody Buddy has taken broadhead sharpening to the next level by allowing the consumer to sharpen the broadhead without removing it from the shaft. Spot-Hogg has found that when a broadhead is removed from the shaft to sharpen, the point of impact is affected.

The Bloody Buddy features two independently adjustable diamond coated stones capable of sharpening any 2, 3, or 4 blade fixed or mechanical broadhead. SH3With the micro-adjustable knobs, you can easily adjust the pitch of the sharpening stones to put a razor edge on any broadhead you own in a matter of seconds. The added weight of the base creates extra stability so the Bloody Buddy remains steady while putting the finishing touches on your edge.

SH5Spot-Hogg continues to surprise SELFILMED and the entire archery industry with its continuous output of extremely durable, yet affordable line of products and the Bloody Buddy is no exception. SH6Retailing for $179.99, the versatility and dependability of the Bloody Buddy broadhead sharpener cannot be beat. Head over to or your closest Spot-Hogg retailer to pick up your Bloody Buddy today.

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