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Carbon Synergy


When it comes to hunting and harvesting mature whitetails with a bow and arrow at close yardages, a hunter must be aware of a whitetails number one key to survival, their incredible sense of smell. With this sensory alone, whitetails are able to identify and pinpoint imminent danger. 2014CSTcamCSbottleSo we as hunters must find ways to become as odor free as possible while having any interactions in the whitetail world.

No matter if we are early season scouting, hanging stand sets,  checking trail cameras, but especially while hunting. This is exactly what can be done with the help of Carbon 2014CStcam2Synergy product line up of Laundry Detergent, Body Wash and Powder that is second to no one.

Let’s take a quick look into Carbon Synergy Product lineup with a few quick facts about each one, then how I have incorporated each one into my goal of maximum scent control possible while in the woods.


Carbon Synergy (CS) Products:2014CSpile

CS Laundry Detergent: is a enzymatic granular laundry soap that not only cleans soiled clothes, but is extremely effective in removing odors and washes out scent free.

CS Body Wash: is a full body wash that cleans and leaves you odor free to begin your preparation for that next hunt.

CS Powder: combines Activate Carbon and Pure Silver, to form and new and innovative 2014CSHandsprinklescent controlling powder that fights odor causing bacteria. By combing these two elements in a small bottled powder form, there are endless possibilities of how it can be utilized at home or in the field. The powder can be mixed with water to develop a dip solution for all hunting clothes and packs or mixed into a small gallon garden sprayer to be used as an easy field spray. Dry powder can be used to dust cameras, stands, boots or even face black. Be creative!!


For years I have been a die hard, close encounter, in your lap type of Bow Hunter.  And over those years I have seen a lot of mature whitetails, but nothing has compared to the shift of having those encounters from  30-40yrds in the past to the 5-15yrds these days. These encounters have been achieved with a strict CS Regiment that I have implemented into my pursuit of maximum scent control.

As summer begins to fade into fall each year I start my preparation for the season.2014CSlaundwide Just a few weeks before opening day, I pull out all my early season Sitka Gear and HECS suits  along with socks, gloves and boxers and get them into the wash with CS Laundry Detergent (Laundered every two weeks throughout season).

Once out of the laundry they are hung up to air dry, then once dry they are dipped into a 5 gallon bucket that has my CS Powder/H2O mixture, rung out and hung out to air dry once more. After completely dry they are placed into my GamePlan Gear BaseCamp for storage.


Then the night before opening day all pre washed/dipped clothes are removed from the tote 2014CStbagand placed into a drum liner trash bag and sprinkled with CS Powder and shook up and placed back into tote (Trash Bag/Powder Step will be repeated once every week during season or even in the field).

Final step in my scent control regiment is to shower before every hunt with CS Body wash.  I can seriously say that with this CS regiment, my number of close encounters have been off the charts and my numbers of being detected by smell (Blown At) have decreased to less than a handful over the past two years.

2014CSDetergGo out and try some for yourself and you will not be disappointed. Because Carbon Synergy success comes from their commitment to great customer service and making a great MADE IN THE USA  product that is inexpensive and allows you to be creative in scent control.

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