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“Winterizing” your Huntmore 360

If you have spent any amount of time in the stand on a cold and frigid morning, you already know how everything seems to squeak, creak, or rattle at some point.  A misstep on your stand, a small shift in weight on your Huntmore chair, or even your jacket brushing up against tree-bark can cause an unexpected noise when the temperatures drop.  If this happens while you have a shooter buck within range or in your sights, it could spell disaster.  Now is the time to consider performing some general maintenance on your Huntmore 360 chair to make sure it remains as dead quiet as the day you purchased it.


Anytime there are moving parts rubbing against each other causing friction there is the potential to make noise.  To guarantee your Huntmore 360 chair stays completely silent throughout the toughest of conditions, you’ll first need to grab the following items:

  • Huntmore 360 chair20131214_Huntmore_tools
  • 7/16″ and 9/16″ Combination Wrench
  • 7/16″ and 9/16″ Socket and Socket Wrench
  • White Silicon Grease (Super Lube Synthetic Grease – ordered on Amazon)
  • Small Hammer
  • Paper or Cloth Towels as needed

Four easy steps:

1. Begin by disassembling the hub of the chair by first loosening the nut under the hub using your 9/16″ socket wrench and 9/16″ combination wrench holding the bolt on top of the hub. 20131214_Huntmore_HubBottom The nut on the hub bolt is held in place with loctite, so a little extra elbow grease may be needed to get it to budge.  With the nut removed from the bolt, push the bolt through the hub.  You can now separate the bottom and the top portion of the hub, but make sure you keep track of where all of the washers belong to aid in re-assembly later.


Wipe the surface of all parts clean using a clean cloth before lightly coating all surfaces of the bolt, washers, and faces of the hubs with the silicon grease.  Any surface that is in contact with another moving surface needs to have a thin layer of grease applied to it.  Don’t over do it as excess will attract unwanted dirt and debris.  20131214_Huntmore_HubWasherAfter all moving parts of the hub have been cleaned and greased, reassemble the hub.  You will want to apply a small amount of loctite to the bolt threads, then tighten the nut under the hub a little bit at first.  Sit down in the seat and rotate to test the resistance of rotation, and adjust the tension on the nut until the desired resistance is achieved.

2.  Next you’ll remove each of the legs one at a 20131214_Huntmore_Legtime from the lower hub by first loosening the nut and bolt with the 7/16″ socket and wrench.  You may need to use the hammer here to lightly tap the bolt out of the hub.  After the leg is removed from the hub, wipe down the flats of the leg where it makes contact with the inner portion of the hub assembly and apply a thin layer of grease.  20131214_Huntmore_HammerAlso take some time to wipe down and lightly grease the bolt and nut face prior to re-assembly.  You’ll want to tighten the nut down until the leg stays in place on its own when pulled out, but not too tight.


After the hub assembly and the20131214_Huntmore_RemoveSeat legs have all been serviced, start on the seat support arms.  First remove the seat pad and backrest from the chair, then loosen and remove the nut and bolt holding the seat support arm to the upper hub assembly.  Similar to the legs, wipe down and lightly lubricate the flats of the support arm and the bolt and nut face.  20131214_Huntmore_LegFlatReassemble and move on to the next seat support arm.  Again, don’t over-tighten the bolt/nut assembly.

After the arms are back on the hub assembly begin disassembling the U-shackles which hold the seat onto20131214_Huntmore_FrontUshackle the frame of the Huntmore chair.  Start with the front support arm of the chair.  Again, you’ll loosen and remove the nut and bolt which releases the U-shackle from the support arm.  Lightly coat all mating surfaces after wiping them clean and reassemble.  When tightening down the U-shackle bolts, don’t over do it.  The U-shackle assemblies should be able to move up and down with slight to moderate pressure.  You do not want these to be overly tight or overly loose or they may end up being the culprit of noise later on.

20131214_Huntmore_ArmBearingThe U-shackles on the back support arms are a bit trickier.  When you loosen and remove the nut and bolt, you’ll notice there is a bearing between the two support arm portions allowing the arms to rotate.  Clean and lubricate this bearing as well as the surfaces it makes contact with.  You’ll also want to lubricate the other mating surfaces of the U-shackle assembly including the bolt and nut face.  If you have trouble getting all of the parts lined up for re-assembly prior to inserting the bolt, have a friend help.  Repeat the steps for the other back support arm.

4. Put the seat pad and backrest back on the chair and you are ready to enjoy the peace and quiet of the woods!

We hope you found this article helpful and helps to keep you deadly silent in the woods.  If you have any comments, questions, or other “tips” or “tricks” you’d like to share about your Huntmore 360 chair send us an email or message on our Facebook page.


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