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Made in the USA, the new and improved lineup from Dave Smith Decoys has arrived!

DSD Submissive Hen
DSD Decoys, 100% made in the USA!

Dave Smith Decoys (DSD) has revolutionized turkey hunting for 2013. The most realistic turkey decoy on the market has gotten even better. Next to an actual stuffed/mounted turkey, this decoy is easy on the pocket and provides durability that will last for a lifetime.

Dave Smith’s new decoys have an incredible color pattern with the most natural looking paint details seen on decoys. DSD takes pride in everything from nature-accurate appearances and poses to the sprayed pigmented resin [providing anti-scratch off colors] along with the realistic finish each decoy is given.

SELFILMED’s Sarah Gaffney checking out the new for 2013 “Black Armor” flocking on the DSD Strutter.

Also in the lineup, the Jake and Strutter decoys now feature their legendary Black Armor flocking [which has been seen on DSD Honker decoys]. The Black Armor is found on the tops of their backs which reproduces a deep black, ultra-flat look right where it occurs in mother nature.

All Dave Smith Decoys are now made using the A.C.E. Technology. Many other decoys [especially mounted turkeys] needed a lot of TLC to keep the decoys in excellent condition often making them hard to store and move around. With the new A.C.E. Technology, this has alleviated the essential need for double bagging the decoys and being as careful in storage and transportation, as so to not damage the detailed body paint which has made them not only effective but now very functional as well.

Incredible coloration, superior paint adhesion and the A.C.E. material make DSDs the most durable decoy available.

The new A.C.E. Technology decoys are very durable [making transportation easy]. A.C.E. is the new plastic and decoy-making process that DSD has been developing since 2007. Unlike any other type of material, A.C.E. is flexible and extremely durable.

Incredible detail on the DSD Jake wing.

It retains its form under any circumstances and has provided hunters with a product that will last a lifetime. DSD is hands-down, the most durable and user-friendly decoy ever made! The new paint adhesion makes the decoys look even better than prior DSD models! All decoys can be shot with very little if any noticeable wear because A.C.E. has self-healing properties. Although the decoys do not technically flatten, they are however semi-compressable to fit more decoys in a smaller space.

Updated 2013 DSD Strutter with the new Black Armor flocking with the rest of the flock in the background.

There are five unique decoys DSD offers: DSD Strutter, DSD Submissive Hen, DSD Feeding Hen, DSD Jake and the #1 selling DSD Upright Hen. Each are designed with a natural pose in mind and come with a carry bag and a stake. The stake safely stores within the decoy which helps prevent lost stakes or tearing holes in your travel bag.

The SELFILMED crew has been using DSD’s for the past few years and in doing so have killed many longbeards.  Check out the past SELFILMED Blog articles for a few success stories, and keep your eye out for new Hunt Vids on the SELFILMED website!

Dave Smith Decoy makes the most incredible, durable and realistic looking decoys on the market, period.


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