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Lone Wolf Knives: It’s not about fancy, it’s about performance.

Dependable knives for the serious outdoorsman.

When it comes to knives, Lone Wolf has sharpened its edge on the competition. Each model in Lone Wolf’s line has a purpose and is founded on actual field performance.  This line of knives is designed to provide ultimate functionality. Developed by a team of outdoorsmen, engineers and experts, Lone Wolf Knives are made of top-quality steel that can take a beating and get a lot of cutting done without needing sharpening.

When it comes to being successful in the field, hunters and sportsmen alike need a dependable knife to get the job done.  If a knife fails in the back-country, the hunter will walk out empty-handed.  Lone Wolf specializes in designing and producing knives for serious outdoorsman.

Lone Wolf Knive
Lone Wolf Knives’ Matt Elliot discussing the benefits of the Landslide folding knife.

Although it’s said that the best knife is the one you have with you, there are features which make some knives better choices than others.  For example, the tang is a portion of the blade that extends into the handle and the spine is the thickest section of the blade [both essential for durability].  The choil is where the index finger is placed, this close proximity to the edge allows for greater control.  Along with some other general guidelines for choosing a good knife, knowing what you are going to use the knife for will go a long way.  Lone Wolf has created products for those who take the path less traveled.

The Landslide folding knife by Lone Wolf Knives.
The Landslide folding knife by Lone Wolf Knives.

With its versatility and 3D topo textured handle, the Landslide folding knife is extremely sharp with a smooth non-serrated blade.  The locking mechanism is incredibly solid, opening and closing easily, with a grip is very comfortable.  The Landslide and its Mini series are extremely durable.  The Mini, with a blade of 3” is a great all around knife to carry with you daily.

The larger Landslide version has a 3.5” blade and is 8 inches in overall length.  This creates a sturdier feel and larger handle to grip.  Both knives have a functional drop point with tremendous tip strength, lightweight composite handle in neon orange that makes it very hard to lose. Made of N680 stainless steel, the first thing you’ll notice with The Landslide series is the build quality.  Along with being rust resistant, strong, and durable these knives also come with a lifetime warranty.

Sarah checking out the Mountainside A.W.S. Drop-Point knife.
Sarah checking out the Mountainside A.W.S. Drop-Point knife.

The Mountainside Drop-Point knife from Lone Wolf, with its 3.5” blade and 8” overall length, is a fixed blade knife engineered to work with the hunter and his many needs.  This knife along with its smaller bladed counterparts, the Skinner and Caper 2, feature an angled handle with highly visible orange Santoprene scaled handle.  Lone Wolf designed the carved notches along the handle spine, and a large choil for controlled cuts.  The full-tang N680 stainless steel blade is plain edged with a flat stone-wash finished.

Lone Wolf has a solution for any of your needs.
Just a few of the many knives Lone Wolf has to offer.

This is a hunting knife in its most essential form: streamlined, multipurpose, and easy to keep in your pocket or pack.  The Mountainside series comes with a premium leather sheath to protect your blade during travel.

Through passion Lone Wolf Knives strive to create products that hunters can depend on when it matters the most.  As they say, at Lone Wolf, “We are dedicated to the outdoors.  This is your adventure, THIS is your knife!”

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