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HECS Stealthscreen: Scientifically developed, hunter approved

 2013 ATA Show 2013 Lousiville KY

After winning Bowhunt America’s gear of the year award for 2012 HECS has continued to solidify the validity of their products.

Scientifically developed. Hunter approved!
Scientifically developed. Hunter approved!

By testing their products in a wide array of hunting situations HECS is able to prove time and time again that its conductive fiber is the leading edge to serious bowhunters.

In order for bowhunters to be successful, its critical they are undetected in the habitat of their game. Hunters from across the country are putting HECS concealment design to the test. Coming into their fourth year, they are providing hunters with a system that not only controls odors, but it actually conceals the electromagnetic field that living beings emit.

HECS has been progressing rapidly with its scientific research to prove that animals do in fact have the ability to emit and detect an electromagnetic field (EF). The ‘sixth sense’ deer seem to have, actually exisits. HECS and their team have figured out that it’s due to the electromagnetic energy that your body gives off. There are different frequencies, such is seen when a doctor uses an EKG. The contraction of your heart muscles causes a spike in that energy that is detected by an EKG. Deer and other animals are sensitive to these spikes in the electromagnetic field. HECS has created its Faraday Cage to block EM signals. This conductive grid in HECS Stealthscreen helps hunters stay undetected by shielding and reducing the coupling of electromagnetic fields. The cage can clearly be seen woven into the garment.

Faraday Cage clearly woven into the garment. Won
Faraday Cage clearly woven into the garment. Won’t wash out. Light weight and breathable!

The material used in it HECS Stealthscreen is lightweight, breathable, machine washable and durable. This conductive fiber won’t wash out like many other carbon fiber base layers. HECS can be worn as an under layer or as an outer layer and with their NEW Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity pattern, these garments are sure to make hunters more elusive during their hunts.

If any hunter has ever been caught in the stand, they know the feeling of frustration. HECS has brought hunters new products to get them up close and personal with the most pressured game. HECS Stealthscreen is a revolutionary new material that allows you to get closer to animals in their natural, undisturbed state and experience life in the wild like never before.

Nowadays any archer who is serious about bowhunting is doing something to eliminate their scent. We spend hundreds of dollars for scent suppression/elimination, camouflage clothing that helps us blend in with our environment suits, silver, antimicrobial garments, sprays, rubber boots, and ozone machines. HECS is not just another gimic fad, it’s hardcore science and it has created the evolution of concealment.

Designed to wear under garments or as top layer. HECS has developed a full body concealment system.
Designed to wear under garments or as top layer. HECS has developed a full body concealment system.

If that’s not enough proof, check out HECS website to watch a diver in action with HECS Dive Suit being used to swim with sharks. Talk about up close and personal.

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