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09.15.2012 SELFILMED: Brad Blackwelder NC early season bow hunt.

The North Carolina Archery season has been open for a full week and the hunting has been extremely tough. With the temperatures in the mid 80’s during the day and only dipping to the upper 60’s at night, it makes for a sticky and mosquito infested afternoon in the tree stand.  Even with the temperatures soaring that evening (9/15), I was determined to make my way to the stand to at least get some footage.  I got to the spot I park at about 4pm and got out and packed up all three cameras, camera arms, binos, rangefinder and picked up my bow and headed to the stand. It was going on 4:45pm when I was finally ready to set down and cool off from the walk in and setting all my SELFILMED cameras up.  With a quick cool down, I started getting my interview and some really good B-Roll footage of the location and different elements in my surroundings. After I had finished getting some really nice shots with the camera and not seeing a single deer for the first hour and a half, my hopes soon began to fade on getting a deer on film. The sun soon slipped behind the distant trees to bring about a little relieve to the afternoon heat. At around 7pm I noticed some movement in the bean field that was directly in front of me and with a quick glance with the binos, I saw that it was a young doe working her way towards me. I eased up to get into a standing position and turn on my tree stand cam and in that short amount of time of getting everything ready, she had made it to within 5 yds of the treeline and was just above me out of camera view. I quickly reached for my bow and readied my point of view head cam and got ready to make a shot if it was presented to me. Just as if she had read the script for that afternoon, she turned and came right by me at 16 yards and was in perfect position for me to make a clean shot.  As she passed by in front of me, I settled my pin and gave a soft grunt to get her to stop, I steadied my sight level…buried my pin…and squeezed the release. Thwack!!! Perfect hit, I watched as she kicked and took off into the beans and crashed 60 yards from the point of impact.

So a hot afternoon NC hunt turned out to produce my first SELFILMED hunt of the year and in all honesty…it was my first ever SELFILMED hunt with multiple camera angles and  my first for SELFILMED.COM.  Stay tuned for more of my 2012 SELFILMED hunting adventures, because the Whitetail season is just getting started and my favorite time of year is just around the corner.


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