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SELFILMED Arizona Muley Update: Day 1-3

I left North Carolina on the afternoon of August 31, 2012 and headed to Arizona for an exciting hunting trip with good friends Mike Arajakis, Founder of Game Plan Gear, and Craig Steele of CEI Outdoors.  After changing a unexpected flat, I Rolled into Flagstaff, AZ airport to pick up Mike.

We then headed out to our final destination to set up camp.  After the drive from the airport and a few stops along the way, we had to setup camp in the dark and got everything prepped and ready for the next morning hunt.

Our first morning out we were able to glass up a total of 8 bucks and mouth call  a coyote to within 75yds.  Later on that evening, we glassed a couple of elk (small bulls/cows), but no mule deer.  With the start of day number two, Mike and I went back to the same location we had setup the day before and was able to capture a really good bull on film but no mule deer.

That afternoon we decided to move locations to an area Craig had seen a lot of doe/fawn activity, he called it “the cut.”  This was in the vicinity of where Craig had been glassing some really nice bucks that would tape out well over 170″ mark.  We arrived at “the cut” a little to late to glass any that afternoon, due to the heavy rains and poor road conditions.  So we setup camp and spent the night there, and were back at it the next morning glassing and trying to put a good Game Plan together to get on some of these nice bucks that Craig had seen.

* Side note: Last word we had from Craig was he was putting a stalk on a 180″ muley!!!

So check back in a couple of days  for more updates and hopefully some real nice trophy pictures of some monster Arizona Muleys.

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