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Grim Reaper splitting bones in 2013

January 10, 2013 ATA SHOW Louisville, KY

Grim Reaper® rewrote the book on how a mechanical broadhead should perform. They have designed the only broadhead licensed to carry the Mathews® name and with their legendary cut-on-contact Razortip blade Grim Reapers provide bone crushing ability.

This 125 grain Razorcut SS buried into the vertebrae of Forrest
This 125 grain Razorcut SS buried into the vertebrae of Forrest’s 3.5 year old North Carolina buck.

Since 2000, they have combined the accuracy and durability of Trocrazor tip that  promises to wreak havoc on bone while flying like a field tip.

The Grim Reaper unique mechanical 3 blade is a swing open type mechanical, but with a few distinct features. First the tip has 3 small blades inserted on the three flat sides on the Razortip™. The 2nd unique feature is the blade retention system. The head uses springs and a collar to hold the blades closed without the use of O-rings, rubber bands, or clips. The collar pushes the springs forward. Which, in turn, put pressure on the rear of the blades. Grim Reaper’s LockNotch™ blade retention system keeps the blades closed until the head impacts something to force them open making them the fastest opening blades on the market. Another unique feature Grim Reaper has created is their expander cup. Almost every broadhead will convert to a larger cutting diameter with their expander cup, which adds another ¼” to the respective selection.

The solid stainless steel tip provides bone-splitting penetration
The solid stainless steel tip provides bone-splitting penetration


Though Grim Reaper is new to the SELFILMED partnership, founder Forrest Breedlove has used their broadheads over the last several years. The Razorcut SS, made with solid stainless steel,

Though the hit was high and through the spine the durability of Grim Reaper
Though the hit was high and through the spine the durability of Grim Reaper’s broadhead enabled Forrest to “Watch ‘Em Drop.”


dropped this North Carolina trophy Forrest hit high after being at full draw for over two minutes. The 125 grain 3 blade broadhead crushed the vertebrae of the buck, allowing Forrest to ‘Watch ‘em Drop’.


Brett Bueltel
Brett Bueltel’s 156″ Ohio bruiser, dropped by a Grim Reaper Razortip.

SELFILMED’s Brett Bueltel also had luck while using a 125 grain Razortip EXTRA, with its 1-3/4″ cut the Grim Reaper tip dropped this 156″ Ohio brute.

The 2013 Hot Products

The Whitetail Special Edition supplies a true 2” cut from its 3 blade head. This broadhead is designed for higher kenetic energy bows. It provides the option of the traditional Razortip or the new RazorCut SS. The Whitetail Special is available in 100 grain.

Also hot for 2013 are the three Grim Reaper Mathews® edition broadheads. The three

Variety of broadheads available to fit any archers choice.
Variety of broadheads available to fit any archers choice.

broadheads all feature a bone crushing “V Notch” tip which is exclusive to Mathews® edition heads only. Grim Reaper has the 3 blade 2” cut 100 grain whitetail sized Mathews® mechanical broadhead. This head is constructed of a single piece of stainless steel making it the deadliest mechanical broadhead available. Grim Reaper has also designed a NEW crossbow approved 3 blade mechanical broadhead. This tip has been tested and proven at speeds over 400 fps with 1½” cut. Finally, although Grim Reaper is known for mechanicals they have brought hunters an incredible Mathews® Edition fixed blade with AIRFOIL™ technology to spin-stabilize the arrow in flight. The back edges of the blades are even sharpened, providing the added benefit of a blade that cuts going in and coming out. The 1 3/16” cut and razor sharp 3 blade offers a quiet and accurate shot.

Grim Reaper promises no premature opening and no deflection on hard angle shots, even with the most radical bow speeds. For the past 13 years Grim Reaper has been improving their already awesome heads. Ensuring bone-splitting penetration and over 3 inches of linear cut, with Grim Reapers you’ll be sure to “Watch ‘Em Drop!”



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