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October 13, 2018 – Ohio Archery Buck

It was now almost five years since I had successfully filled a buck tag here in Ohio.  The last buck tag I’ve filled was on November 3rd of 2013 to be exact.  I had spent countless hours in the tree … Continue reading

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Ditch the Cotton, Merino Wool Is Where It’s At!

The start of elk archery season is just around the corner in many western states.  This has many eager hunters vigorously exercising, shooting their bow and pulling out the prior year’s gear in anticipation of that first bugle.  While some folks are … Continue reading

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Wireless Trail Cameras: Changing the Hunting Industry

These days it is hard to make a trip to your local sporting good store without at least passing by a whole display of brand new trail cameras.  There are white flash, infrared, black flash, camouflage cams, brown cams, you name it. … Continue reading

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Sitka Gear – Fanatic Hoody Review

For several months leading up to the 2015 ATA show, it had been rumored that Sitka Gear was overhauling the Optifade Forest pattern and would lunch an all-new whitetail product line.  To say I was excited to walk into their booth … Continue reading

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