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2018 ATA Show – Carter Enterprises Evolution Too

Carter Enterprises showcased another cutting-edge release-aid design at this year’s ATA show; the revolutionary three and four-finger Piston Resistance activated Evolution Too. Having personally never shot a resistance activated release prior to the show, I was understandably hesitant.  I know … Continue reading

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Carter Enterprises – 2017 Wise Choice Release Giveaway!

EDIT (3/1/2017): Congrats to Dennis Lepak of Wisconsin, the winner of the giveaway!!! It’s giveaway time again here at SELFILMED! Prize: A FREE Carter Wise Choice 3 finger release, black in color! Winner will be announced on 3/1/2017 Click here to … Continue reading

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2016 Backcountry Gear List – WY Mule Deer

One of my favorite things to do as the seasons approach and the hunt preparations begin is to look through gear lists on forums like Rokslide and Archery Talk. It’s so fun to see what other “kits” look like and … Continue reading

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Carter Enterprises – Wise Choice / First Choice 4-Finger

Accuracy defined through design, a short, yet powerful motto that is at the heart of what makes Carter Enterprises a leader in the archery industry. For years Carter has been revolutionizing release aids by constantly making improvements to previously proven … Continue reading

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