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XENEK Ground Blind Support Post

XENEK’s 4-in-1 ground blind support post quadruples as a trekking pole, a monopod for cameras, the ultimate center-support post to prevent ground blinds from collapsing in the field during bad weather, and finally, as a mobile gun rest (with purchase of the XENEK Gun Rest). Our proprietary connection method through the XENEK Hub Coupler provides the fastest and most secure attachment point for a support post in a ground blind. XENEK ground blinds have this attachment point built in but if you don’t own a XENEK, the Hub Coupler can be purchased separately and the one-time installation takes less than five minutes.



At XENEK, product development is about solving problems that hunters encounter in the field. When we can solve multiple problems at once, we get really excited. Our new 4-in-1 Ground Blind Support Post is a product that does just that. This product started out as a better version of a ground blind support post. However, as we asked ourselves how we could make the post solve more problems, we realized that with a little creativity we could make a product that could do a lot more. The end result is a product that quadruples as a great trekking pole, a monopod for cameras, the ultimate center-support post for ground blinds to prevent collapse during bad weather, and finally, a mobile gun rest (requires the purchase of the XENEK Gun Rest). No other product on the market offers more functionality than this sleek, lightweight product that adjusts from 36 to 82 inches in length.


  • 36″ fully collapsed
  • 82″ fully extended
  • 13 ounces
  • 7075 aluminum
  • Neoprene handle
  • Carbide Tip
  • Rubber Cap
  • Wrist Strap
  • Snow Basket Included


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