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2018.1 SELFILMED Vlog – Broadheads

In our first, of hopefully several, “VLOGs” (video blogs for those that haven’t heard the term used before), SELFILMED’s Steve Shields discusses broadheads and why he chooses to shoot the heads he does.  Stay tuned for more blogs and vlogs to … Continue reading

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2017 ATA Show – Grim Reaper Broadheads

For 2017, Grim Reaper Broadheads has opted not to release any new broadheads.  Instead, they have refocused their efforts into improving and strengthening their already awesome mechanical broadhead lineup. Starting with the blades; Grim Reaper has equipped their mechanical broadheads … Continue reading

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Grim Reaper Mechanical Broadhead Assembly

There is only one thing better than putting a shiny new Grim Reaper mechanical broadhead on the end of your hunting arrow; Putting said broadhead through your intended target! But after you have used your broadhead in te field, what … Continue reading

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TightSpot Quivers – Made in the USA!

I’ll be honest, I have always struggled with the idea of breaking the bank on a quiver.  Not to mention, I could never find one that I really liked. In my mind, it is simply a piece of equipment designed to … Continue reading

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