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Rich was born and raised in Southern Ohio. A Healthcare IT professional by trade, he has enjoyed being able to pair his professional skills with his passion for the outdoors. In recent years, Rich has taken this passion to the next level working as Webmaster and a Field Producer for SELFILMED.

Rich Peace – 2018 Ohio Archery Buck

I’ve heard it said many times that you can’t fill a tag sitting at home. I would argue that it was sitting at home on November 1st that put me in a perfect position to do just that. Of course, … Continue reading

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SELFILMED 101 – Part 9 – After the Shot

Part 9 – After the Shot So you finally had a successful hunt, you got the shot on camera, and your second and third angle footage is perfect. The hunt couldn’t have gone any better. After a long evening of … Continue reading

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Kinex Systems – Kill Shot Bow Hanger Camera Mount

When it comes to filming your hunts, you really have two options: Option 1 – Find a second person to tag along as a camera man or Option 2 – Self-film your hunts. The great thing about the self-filmed option … Continue reading

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onX Hunt App Review

Over the years I have fine-tuned how I scout a new property, however, my basic approach has always remained the same: Step 1 – Determine Property Boundaries Step 2 – Research the Terrain and Walk the Property Step 3 – … Continue reading

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