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Dead End Game Calls – providing success on the stage and in the field

SELFILMED’s Sarah Gaffney and Mitchell Johnston discuss what’s new for 2013.

Mitchell Johnston, a North Carolina native, has been calling competitively for more than a decade, winning more than 30 contests from the local and the national stage.  In 2010, Mitchell highlighted his career by becoming the NWTF Grand National Senior Division Calling Champion.  Years of making his own calls and winning championships lead to the beginning of Dead End Game Calls.

The hand stretched Roadkill series of mouth calls.

Dead End’s Roadkill mouth calls are made from premium latex and each call is individually hand stretched to 0.001″ (one thousandth of an inch) for perfection.  The precise stretching of the latex makes the Roadkill series one of the easiest blown turkey calls available.  Dead End mouth calls come in two and three-reed varieties such as the Batwing 2, Ghost Cut, Batwing 3, Shipwreck and Split V.  The calls sounds range from soft yelps, from the Batwing 2, to sharp cuts, from the Split V.  Mitchell tells SELFILMED, “I feel confident enough in the calls that I could take one out of the package, win a championship, then go kill a gobbler.”

Only a few of the many calls available at
Only a few of the many calls available at

The Roadblock series of friction calls are like non-other. Each call is made from a variety of premium woods such as walnut, cherry and cedar.  The calls come in aluminum, slate and glass.  Each is hand tested and individually matched with a striker to ensure a top quality sound straight from the package.

Mitchell demonstrates the  series of calls.
Mitchell demonstrates the Roadblock series of calls.

The aluminum call is extremely versatile and very user-friendly.  The slate and glass calls provide a large volume with clear sounds, but will roll into a killer rasp as well.

New for 2013 are the Memory Driven and Hero Series of friction calls.  With the Memory Driven Series, Dead End Game Calls will personalize your friction call with any picture you provide along with wording if you so desire.  The picture is engraved into the call so you are able to reflect back on a special memory for years to come.  Those memories, along with the call, can be passed down through the generations.

Commemorate a loved one or remember a memory for a lifetime with the new Hero and Memory Driven series of friction calls.
The new Hero and Memory Driven Series of friction calls.

The Hero Series of friction calls were developed “to commemorate the sacrifices of those who serve or have served and sacrificed for others.”  All branches of the military, law enforcement, firefighters, etc. can all be honored with the new Hero Series of calls.  The calls are made from premium cherry wood and each includes a striker (display stand is optional).  It is a great opportunity to honor a loved one or capture that special hunting memory for a lifetime.

The new FloodZONE striker will play on any friction call surface.  Even completely wet!
The new FloodZONE striker will play on any call surface.

Also new for 2013 is the FloodZONE striker.  It is made out of a solid composite material and will play on any friction calling surface, even on a wet slate call!  The FloodZONE striker never needs conditioning.  “Don’t get caught in the rain without the FloodZONE striker!”

At Dead End Game Calls, Mitchell and his crew strive for customer satisfaction by designing and building calls that are inferior to none.  To see more of what Dead End Game Calls has to offer, check out their website at



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