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At SELFILMED.COM, we are all about capturing high quality footage while hunting solo. Simply put, most of you don't have the money to hire a camera man, and most of your buddies are not willing to sacrifice half of their hunting season to film you. It's no different for us, and as a result we have worked diligentenly to perfect our filming techniques in a way that minimizes impact on our hunts, and maximizes our ability to capture footage worthy of sharing with our viewers. And while we have come a long way from our early days of self-filming, we are constantly learning every time we hit the woods.  If you have questions on self-filming, whether you are new to the sport or have several years under your belt, shoot us a message and we'll do our best to help.  It’s likely we have encountered the same challenges you have and can provide some guidance.  Most importantly, we know we aren’t perfect, so we’d also appreciate any feedback or suggestions you have to offer!

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