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At SELFILMED.COM, we are all about capturing high quality footage while hunting solo. Simply put, most of you don't have the money to hire a camera man, and most of your buddies are not willing to sacrifice half of their hunting season to film you. It's no different for us, and as a result we have worked diligentenly to perfect our filming techniques in a way that minimizes impact on our hunts, and maximizes our ability to capture footage worthy of sharing with our viewers. And while we have come a long way from our early days of self-filming, we are constantly learning every time we hit the woods.  If you have questions on self-filming, whether you are new to the sport or have several years under your belt, shoot us a message and we'll do our best to help.  It’s likely we have encountered the same challenges you have and can provide some guidance.

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2018.2 SELFILMED Vlog – Ti...

SELFILMED’s Rich Peace discusses quivers and what he likes most about the TightSpot Quivers.  Stay tuned for more blogs and vlogs to come in the near future! If you are interested in purchasing what we think is the best hunting quiver … Continue reading

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Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Multi-Pi...

I’m not going to lie:  I’ve been shooting with a Spot Hogg sight ever since I reunited with compound-bow hunting back in 2010.  Prior to that I was either in middle school shooting a bow that didn’t even fit me, … Continue reading

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SELFILMED 101 – Part 9 ...

Part 9 – After the Shot So you finally had a successful hunt, you got the shot on camera, and your second and third angle footage is perfect. The hunt couldn’t have gone any better. After a long evening of … Continue reading

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Who else is enjoying this beautiful morning in the woods? #whitetail #bowhunting #darnsquirrels #selfilmed


Such a pretty view... who else is has seen success this year? #bigbuckdown #whitetail #bowhunting #selfilmed


Now that’s a dead deer! Grim Reaper Broadheads #heartshot #watchemdrop #noneedtobloodtrail #selfilmed


Opening day of bow season tomorrow in some eastern states, how many have already had success in other states? Looking forward to some #bloodtrail #watchemdrop #selfilmed #whyilovefall @grimreaperbroadheads


Who got to enjoy some time in a tree this weekend? 🙋🏻‍♂️ #recordyourventure #filmyouradventure #fourtharrow #selffilmed #campbellcameras #sony #rode #selfilmed


Sad that it will be another year until we are back after bugling bulls, man this is some gorgeous country! Who else is still after #elk #elkhunting #colorado


Not an elk but still a cool sighting. Definitely a bucket list animal! #moose #notanelk #elkhunting


RIP Jason Hairston @jasonmhairston you will be truly missed.


The #SELFILMED crew was busy putting in #foodplots over the long holiday weekend. What did you do this weekend? Whitetail Properties #farmingforwildlife #whitetail #hunting #labordayweekend Whitetail Institute of North America


What broadheads you using this year? These carnifours are deadly! Grim Reaper Broadheads #deerhunting #broadheads #whatribs?


A whole lot of goodies in this month's Backcountry Fuel box! #backcountry #food #fuel #selfilmed


A whole lot of goodies in this month's @backcountryfuel box! #backcountry #food #fuel #selfilmed


Are you getting any good bucks on cam? #trailcam #scouting #covertwireless DLC Covert Scouting Cameras #camo

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