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At SELFILMED.COM, we are all about capturing high quality footage while hunting solo. Simply put, most of you don't have the money to hire a camera man, and most of your buddies are not willing to sacrifice half of their hunting season to film you. It's no different for us, and as a result we have worked diligentenly to perfect our filming techniques in a way that minimizes impact on our hunts, and maximizes our ability to capture footage worthy of sharing with our viewers. And while we have come a long way from our early days of self-filming, we are constantly learning every time we hit the woods.  If you have questions on self-filming, whether you are new to the sport or have several years under your belt, shoot us a message and we'll do our best to help.  It’s likely we have encountered the same challenges you have and can provide some guidance.

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2019 ATA Show – Lone Wolf...

All new for 2019, Lone Wolf Custom Gear introduces the D’Acquisto Series 1.0 Hang-on Treestand and Climbing Sticks. The D’Acquisto series is, as Cody D’Acquisto puts it, “the ultimate mobile hunting setup.” Upon first impressions, I can certainly see why … Continue reading

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2019 ATA Show – Firenock

In typical fashion, Dorge had several new patents and new products for 2019.  Despite my engineering degree, a lot of the science around Dorge’s products goes way over my head – at least during his first explanation or two.  One … Continue reading

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2019 ATA Show – TightSpot...

New for 2019, TightSpot Quivers introduces the TightSpot Rise. The Rise is the latest offering in an already versatile lineup of quivers with a specific goal to meet the needs of the treestand hunter. The Rise is built with the … Continue reading

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A couple new products from the #ata show to draw in deer #ata2019 #deerhunting #selfilmed


Need to pick me up one of these targets for back home... Sasquatch maybe? #targets #3darchery #ata #ata2019 #selfilmed


The Selfilmed crew is hard at work churning out more #ATA show content. Stay tuned!


Who here has used the tree stand buddy? Curious to see how it works (and do you take it off when the stand is secure) #ata #ata2019 #treestand #safetyfirst #selfilmed


Saw @hodaglickingstick at the #ata2019 show and kicked myself for not thinking of this exact same idea. I’ve heard multiple people say the “post off a field edge” idea works... thoughts? #bowhunting #whitetail #rub


Several new (and quite different) compound bows and crossbows are here at the #ata2019 show #archery #bowhunting #selfilmed @ Kentucky Exposition Center


As a #traditionalarchery enthusiast, I love the amount of traditional bows available at the #ata2019 show #bowhunting #selfilmed @ Louisville, Kentucky


Spring turkey is coming soon! Here are some of the offerings Primos game calls has at the #ata2019 show #turkeyhunting #selfilmed


Trail camera technologies are rapidly progressing, as well as becoming more affordable. Here are some of the #ata2019 displays... are the cellular capable trail cams worth it in your opinion? #trailcam #wishlist #selfilmed @ Louisville, Kentucky


Lots of new (and unique) broadhead designs at the #ata2019 show, which are you shooting this year? #broadheads #archery #selfilmed @ Louisville, Kentucky


Selfilmed’s owner Brett Bueltel having some fun at the 2019 ATA innovation area. Lots of cool new stuff! #ata2019 #hesgonnakillmeforthis #selfilmed

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